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Choosing to add an extension onto your house is an investment in one of your most precious assets – your home. Your home is where you spend the majority of your quality time – relaxing, dining, socialising, engaging in hobbies, sleeping and, increasingly, working. The widening role of the house in modern times often means that homes built in past decades (and still in their original configuration) simply do not offer the space and versatility you need for a growing family or to work effectively from home.

One potential solution is to move house, but in uncertain times many people are reluctant to “trade up” to a larger property and take on the burden of an even bigger mortgage, not to mention the hassle, time and expense of dealing with estate agents, solicitors, viewers, removals and the uncertainty of “the chain” when a sale/move can collapse at the very last minute, leaving you in limbo.

Builders Glasgow can offer you a better solution – let us build a house extension to enable your current property to meet your current (and future) needs. Extending your existing dwelling means that you get to stay in the home and neighbourhood that you know and love whilst your property is enlarged to provide the additional space you need to accommodate the increased demands of family, work or leisure pursuits.

Our building firm has the skills and experience required to project manage and construct your home extension to the highest of standards and in full compliance with the relevant Scottish building regulations. Whatever your property type – terraced house, semi-detached, bungalow, villa, farmhouse, townhouse – or the purpose of your extension – extra bedroom/s, home office, larger kitchen-dining area or multiple rooms – we can advise you as to the best options to extend your property in the most cost-effective way.

We can connect you with an architect experienced in house extensions (to help you with design and planning matters) then plan, project manage and construct your extension in a professional, safe and timely manner; supplying all of the necessary tradespeople ourselves to leave you with fully finished and fully functional rooms when we hand over to you. For your complete peace of mind our workmanship comes with a 1 year guarantee.

To discuss your planned property extension with Builders Glasgow please call us on 0141 471 9155 or contact us using the online form and we’ll be in touch.

Why choose a Builders Glasgow house extension?

Experienced house extension builders
Price-competitive quotes
High quality workmanship
Architectural & engineering contacts
Projects undertaken across Greater Glasgow
We provide all trades required
Our workforce is insured
A home extension is a complex undertaking which is best left to a professional construction company which has experience of planning, project managing and executing such work. Builders Glasgow has the years of experience and expert knowledge necessary to extend your home in the most effective and efficient way – adding the space you need, to the standard you deserve whilst maintaining the safety and integrity of the original structure.

Our ethos as a company is centred around customer care and satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with: straightforward advice and assistance at all stages of your home extension, clear and competitive quotations, open communication during the project, treating both you and your property with respect at all times and minimising inconvenience as much as we possibly can during the build.

When you opt to extend your house, you are making a significant investment in your home. Maximise the return on that investment by engaging a professional construction company to carry out the work required. Choose Builders Glasgow to bring your dream home extension to life and we’ll deliver a high quality, lasting end result that will give many years of service and pleasure.

Still have questions?

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Quick Quote

Reasons to build an extension

Clients extend their homes for a variety of reasons and we can construct an extension to suit most purposes (subject to available space, planning & budgetary constraints). Popular options for a home extension include:
  • Addition of extra bedroom/s & bathroom
  • Construction of a home office
  • Enlargement of existing rooms
  • Creation of a sunroom
  • Addition of an extra storey (multiple rooms)
  • Creation of a studio/workshop/hobby space
  • Construction of a “granny flat”

Different types of House Extension

The characteristics of different properties and the nature and size of the parcel of land they occupy (the “curtilage”) means that not all types of extension will suit every property, for example some 1980’s built homes have very small gardens thus limiting the potential for extensions built into it so for these properties, repurposing a garage as living space and even adding a storey onto it may be more suitable options.

Traditionally, houses have been extended into the available garden space or by adding an upper floor to a bungalow and these remain the most common forms of extension today but a wide selection of extension designs is now available to extend just about any property. These include:

Ground level, single-storey extension

One of the most common designs, this can be added to the rear or side of a property and extends into the existing garden/backyard area. It offers options including a larger kitchen, utility room or a kitchen-dining space for entertaining that can open onto a decking area or the garden accessed via bi-fold doors.

Two-storey extension

This is where both the lower and upper floors are extended in tandem to provide additional space on both levels e.g. a more spacious kitchen-dining area downstairs with larger (or extra) bedrooms upstairs.

Addition of upper storey

Where an undeveloped roof space/loft is converted into multiple rooms which are accessed via a new staircase, usually in a bungalow.

Garage conversion

We convert your garage into living space (such as extra accommodation, a home office, cinema or gym) plus you also have the option of extending it upwards to create an extra storey to provide even greater space and flexibility (structural strengthening may be required for the addition of an extra level).

Sunroom installation

Somewhat like a conservatory in appearance but a sun room is a properly-designed, built and insulated structure providing all-year-round usability and a beautiful open space in summer when combined with a set of bi-fold doors opening onto your garden or deck.

Side-return extension

Some older properties have significant space at their side (usually a yard or wide path). We can take this un- or under-used space and extend the side of your home into it to create the extra living space you need.

Wraparound extension

Where properties have sufficient space to both the side and rear we can use this to extend in both directions using a wrap-around extension which, as the name suggests, wraps around two elevations of your house in order to create the maximum amount of new internal space.

Full-house redevelopment.

Certain clients wish to totally redesign and significantly extend an existing property. We are happy to provide an introduction to our trusted architect who can help you realise such a design then we will provide the project management and construction services required to take it to completion. Should you already have approved plans then we are happy to quote for providing construction services to build to your architect’s design.

How do I arrange a house extension consultation?

At Builders Glasgow we appreciate that it can feel a little daunting to take that first step towards turning that home extension idea in your head into reality by contacting a builder but please don’t be nervous. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and helpful building firm that is here to help you at every stage of your home extension journey – all the way from initial idea to completion. Here’s how to start your dream extension:

Call Us

Call us on 0141 471 9155 or contact us via the online form to discuss your home extension plans & to arrange a free, no-obligation home visit. .

Home visit/Plan & Design

Our surveyor will visit you at home on the agreed date, survey your property and the area you wish to extend into, discuss your design ideas, needs, budget and outline the options available to meet them. We’ll give you an outline estimated cost. If you haven’t already got an architect and/or approved plans, we’ll connect you with our friendly architect who will work with you to formalise a design & advise you re planning permission procedures. Fees apply for design work & planning applications.

Quote Accepted

If you haven’t already got an architect and/or approved plans, we’ll connect you with our friendly architect who will work with you to formalise a design & advise you re planning permission procedures. Fees apply for design work & planning applications.

Work proceeds

1. On the start date, our tradespeople will arrive on site with the requisite tools, materials & equipment then proceed with the construction of the extension.

Renovation complete

The requested home improvements are finished & your home is renovated for you to enjoy!

Do I need planning permission?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by callers is, “will my extension need planning permission?” There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question as it depends on the nature of your extension, the space into which it is being built, the status/age of your house (i.e. is it a listed building or is it within the grounds of one?) and if it is located in a conservation area (you can usually check this online). Whether planning permission is required or not varies according to the nature of your current property, the type of extension you are considering (i.e. there are different rules for single storey extensions and for extensions involving more than one floor, porches and where roof alterations are required), the visual impact, increase in footprint, height and proximity to the boundary of the property. You should always consult your local council’s planning department when considering an extension. Planning applications themselves can be dealt with by yourself but in our experience it is easier to work in conjunction with an architect who has familiarity with and knowledge of the requirements of lodging an application and the processes involved. Obtaining planning permission entails payment of a fee to the council and it can take up to two months for domestic home extension applications to be decided upon.

Some extensions will fall under the category of “permitted development” which do not require formal planning permission but householders should fully ensure that is the case by liaising with the relevant local authority planning department before proceeding with the construction of an extension. Councils can issue a “Certificate of Lawfulness” (chargeable) to provide legal confirmation that a proposed extension qualifies as “permitted development”.

What is a building warrant?

Another common question we get asked is about the purpose of building warrants. A building warrant is permission from the relevant local authority to be allowed to begin building works. This is a totally separate document and application process from planning permission (which is primarily concerned with visual impact and increase in relative size/footprint/height).

The warrant is intended to ensure that your building work complies with the applicable Scottish building regulations (the Building (Scotland) Act 2003) so that it is energy efficient, safe, healthy, hygienic and accessible. Most, if not all, extensions will require a building warrant and no building work can commence until one has been obtained.

As with planning permission, a fee is payable to the council and while you can handle this yourself, we would once again recommend that it is best dealt with by construction industry professionals. This process can take up to four weeks.

House extension FAQ

Here is a selection of the most common questions that are put to us by potential customers regarding our garage conversions in Glasgow:
To ensure your complete peace of mind, the workmanship on our extensions is backed by a 1 year guarantee (from date of completion). ed in order to give you complete peace of mind.
Unfortunately there is no such thing as a “typical extension” as every client, property & build has its own unique aspects so we cannot give guide prices online or over the phone (you should query any firm that does). An estimate can only be provided after a home visit where we view your property & discuss your ideas, needs & budget. A final quotation can only be given based on a set of (approved) architect’s drawings. Our final quotes break down everything that is included in our price.
No. We source, supply and schedule all trades required to complete your home extension (as per our final quote). This saves you time, effort & harassment.
Builders Glasgow employs only trained, qualified, registered & properly-insured tradespeople on our projects. Our joiners, tilers, plumbers, gas engineers, electricians, plasterers & decorators possess the specialist knowledge & experience necessary to build & finish your home extension to a professional standard & in compliance with building regulations.
We typically work standard construction industry hours – weekdays 8:30-4:30pm – depending on location/travel time required. If you require building work to be performed outwith standard working hours then please advise & we may be able to quote on that basis.
We try to accommodate the needs of clients who work from home so please talk to us regarding your specific requirements during our home visit. In the case of a large scale extension this may be problematic. The extensive works involved in significantly extending an entire house will unavoidably involve noise, dust & disruption. During smaller-scale extensions, our personnel aim to keep inconvenience to a minimum, especially when customers are working from home.
Yes. All items stripped by us & waste created by us are removed & disposed of by us. In some situations, a skip may be hired for the disposal of waste. We tidy the work area as much as we can at the end of each work day. Before handing over to the customer we ensure that no waste is left behind.
There is no simple answer applicable to all clients to that question. The requirement for planning permission varies not just according to the nature of the extension but also due to the location and nature of the existing property. See our section Do I need planning permission? (above) for more information on this topic. Your local council’s planning department is the only place that can provide you with a definitive answer to this question for your specific situation. Our architect can advise you regarding the planning process during the design consultations.
Permitted development is a category of building that does not require formal planning permission to be granted by your local authority prior to its construction. Qualification under this category varies depending on the type of extension, location and nature of the existing building. See our section Do I need planning permission? (above) for more information on this topic. Your local council’s planning department is the only place that can provide you with a definitive answer as to whether your particular extension scenario falls within permitted development rules.
Yes. Most building work in Scotland requires a building warrant to be obtained before construction is allowed to begin. See our section What is a building warrant? (above) for more details. rules.

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