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We can assist you in making the best selection for you and your house, whether you want to add some elegant extra living space to your house in Glasgow or repair an existing conservatory. We understand how difficult it may be to make a huge choice like installing a conservatory. As a result, our professionals are on hand to make the entire procedure simple and stress-free.

We have styles and solutions to suit all homes in Glasgow, from a conservatory to a conservatory tiled roof. We can help you with anything from your initial quote through the design process and upkeep once it’s installed.

We can assist you if you have determined that you need more living space in your Glasgow house but are confused which choice is best for you. You may be debating whether or not a conservatory is appropriate for you and your house. You may be considering replacing your old conservatory roof and would like to discover the advantages and disadvantages of a tiled conservatory roof over a glass roof. Whatever your dilemma, we can provide you with a quick overview of each solution. Continue reading to learn more about improving your house.

Why Get a Conservatory

Increase the value of your house

conservatories are a highly sought-after feature in the property market, making them perfect for anybody trying to sell and a good long-term investment.

Enjoy Your Home

Give you a new way to enjoy your home and yard - a conservatory may be used to rest, entertain, or even pursue a new pastime, depending on your preferences.

Enjoy Nature

A conservatory can liven up a space by allowing in lots of light and giving beautiful vistas, which is one of the eternal benefits of a conservatory.

We have a broad selection of designs and shapes to match the architecture of your Glasgow house, whether you want a modern conservatory or a traditional conservatory. The ever-popular Lean To conservatory or the more classic, rounded Victorian conservatory are also available. Classic, Designer, and Performance are the three design options available. They are excellent choices for homeowners who wish to expand their living space without committing to a full house expansion due to cost or aesthetic concerns. Conservatories, while being mostly made of glass, have excellent thermal efficiency and may even be utilised in the winter. Enjoy a beautiful new room that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Still have questions?

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Quick Quote


Once you’ve decided on a style, colour, and design that suits your needs best, whether it’s a modern conservatory or a tiled replacement roof, you can start thinking about the style, colour, and design alternatives that best fit your demands.

For your conservatory design, you have a wide range of fantastic colours to pick from. Our roofing systems come in a variety of colours, including grey and white, so you can properly match them to your home. Woodgrain treatments are also available for your double glass frames to completely fit your Glasgow property.

You may also construct an expanded soffit, which will provide the ideal location for outdoor lighting. This is an excellent summer installation since it allows you to sit in the yard and enjoy your evenings during the warmer months.

Different types of Conservatories

Conservatories are an excellent way to bring the outside in all year. This implies that when selecting a conservatory for your house, you should think about the design and design that will best fit your needs and your house.

We offer a variety of magnificent conservatory types across our three choices to make it as simple as possible for you to design your glazed addition to your house. Whether you choose a more modern or classic style, all of our designs provide the same performance benefits as well as the aesthetics to complement your home.

The Lean To is one of the most popular conservatory types. This basic yet popular style is distinguished by its rectangular shape, which ‘leans’ to your home and is generally topped with a slanted roof. It’s quite adaptable, and it’s becoming increasingly popular among both traditional and modern homes.

The Victorian conservatory is another timeless design. This faceted style, which dates back to the Victorian era, is distinguished by its stunning decorative roof and rounded look.

Conservatories in the Edwardian style are very popular. These structures, also known as Georgian conservatories, have a rectangular shape with a slanted roof from each edge, giving them a sense of grandeur.

We also offer the following, Gable End, P-Shaped, T-Shaped, customised solutions, and more. 

Georgian Conservatory

The Georgian conservatory is a popular style for many types of homes. Whether you have a historic home or a more modern one, this addition will blend in seamlessly. Because the square form is one of the most spatially efficient designs in the field of home renovations, the basic layout of Georgian conservatories generally lends them nicely to a dining room.

Victorian conservatory

The Victorian conservatory is a market-leading product and is without a doubt the most popular expansion design in the UK. These incredible goods are great for all types of homes, both modern and historic, because they are affordable, elegant, and energy efficient. The narrow sightlines and breathtaking views will light up your home and give it a new lease on life. For that luxurious look, Victorian conservatories generally have a bay front, steeply pitched roof, and intricate ridge detailing. Depending on your preferences, your new Victorian conservatory may be made of uPVC or wood. Both are high-quality materials that are built to last. With a modern profile, you may enjoy all of the traditional elegance.

Lean-To Conservatory

The lean-to conservatory is a streamlined design that allows you to maximise your available space and is ideal for smaller houses or cottages. Modern lean-to conservatories complement both modern and classic residences, replicating a Mediterranean design that sprang from a desire to soak up as much light as possible.

This amazing structure has a pleasant amount of simplicity that makes it easy to personalise for modern dwellings. If you’re looking for a non-obtrusive addition, a lean-to conservatory might be the answer.

P-Shape Conservatory

The Best of Both Worlds The P-shaped conservatory that results from combining the simplicity of the lean-to with the grandeur of the Victorian provides an incredible amount of room for you to work with. Depending on your preferences, this mix of conservatory types can be three-dimensional or five-dimensional. In any case, you’ll have great vistas and plenty of light. The P-shaped conservatory’s connecting portion makes it ideal for homes that need to operate with a lot of space, whether it’s internal, outdoor, or both. Because of the huge size of your P-shaped conservatory, you may divide it into two distinct rooms if desired. Conservatories are more cost-effective than house additions since they are less expensive.

T-Shaped Conservatory

The T-Shaped Conservatory is a Beautiful Structure. The T-shaped conservatory’s eye-catching size is one of its most immediately recognisable features. This one is best suited to larger homes, since it blends in nicely with the longer walls facing the back yard. In fact, many conservatories are so large that they may be divided into various rooms and used as dining spaces in the summer. A T-shaped conservatory is the closest you can go to expanding your home while yet keeping the name “conservatory.” The appealing, symmetrical look lends a conventional and elegant feel to your home, and the centre projection serves to emphasise the overall design of the expansion. This is the ideal spot for a door to create a porch feel.

Gable End Conservatory

Bring Grandeur to Your Home. The gable end conservatory is similar in principle to its Georgian cousin. Inspired by this period of architecture, the gable consists of a square or rectangular layout for maximised space. The namesake lies within the roof, which stands upright instead of sloping back like other conservatories. This gives the gable end conservatory a distinctive look that makes it appealing to homeowners.

Thanks to the numerous windowpanes that adorn this gorgeous design, the gable end conservatory benefits from an enormous amount of natural light. In fact, many customers note the ‘sunburst effect’, where the front point of the gable end looks like the rising sun on a bright day. Traditionally designed and versatile by nature, these amazing products fit in perfectly with period properties.

How can I set up a consultation for a Conservatory ?

At Builders Glasgow, we understand that calling a builder and taking that first step towards making that home addition concept in your brain a reality can be intimidating, but don’t be. We take pleasure in being a pleasant and helpful construction company that is here to assist you at every stage of your home addition project, from concept to completion. Here’s how to get started on your long-awaited Conservatory:

Call Us

To discuss your home expansion plans and book a free, no-obligation house visit, call us on 0141 471 9155 or fill out the online form.

Home visit/Plan & Design

On the agreed-upon day, our surveyor will come to your house and assess your property and the area you intend to extend into, as well as discuss your design ideas, needs, and budget, as well as the solutions available to satisfy them. We’ll offer you a rough estimate of the cost. We’ll link you with our friendly architect who will work with you to formalise a design and help you on planning permission procedures if you don’t already have an architect and/or authorised drawings. Design work and planning applications are subject to fees.

Quote Accepted

We’ll link you with our friendly architect who will work with you to formalise a design and help you on planning permission procedures if you don’t already have an architect and/or authorised drawings. Design work and planning applications are subject to fees.

Work proceeds

Our tradesmen will arrive on-site with the necessary tools, materials, and equipment on the start date and begin work on the Conservatory.

Renovation complete

The requested home improvements are finished & your home is renovated for you to enjoy!

Do I need planning permission?

With recent figures suggesting that UK property prices are rising at a 7% annual pace [] and the rising expenses of purchasing, selling, and moving, it’s no wonder that more and more Scottish homeowners are opting to upgrade rather than relocate.

Extending your house or building a conservatory or orangery are also excellent ways to increase space and value. However, before you start thinking about colour schemes and soft furnishings, you’ll need to consider about obtaining planning clearance for your project.

In 2012, changes to Scottish planning legislation went into effect, providing homeowners more latitude in the design and construction of house expansions. We explain what the Scottish planning system means to you in this article.


 Planning approval is usually not required in Scotland if the conservatory/orangery you propose fits the following criteria:

  • Any element of the construction should not be taller than your property’s original roof, nor should it change the slanting of the existing roof.
  • There should be no portion of the structure that is closer to the road than the original property.
  • The conservatory/floor orangery’s space should not exceed 16 square metres (4m x 4m) or 10% of the total floor space of the property in a terraced or semi-detached dwelling.
  • The conservatory/orangery floor space for a detached house should not exceed 24 square metres (4m x 6m), or 20% of the total floor space of the building.
  • There are no listed buildings or flats on the land, and it is not located in a conservation area.
  • You will not require planning approval if your planned construction complies with these requirements; nonetheless, you should get a Certificate of Lawfulness, which is written verification of this fact. This may be easily acquired from your local planning authority, and it will be required by your solicitor if you ever decide to sell your home.

Conservatory FAQ

Here is a selection of the most common questions that are put to us by potential customers regarding our garage conversions in Glasgow:
We’ll answer all of your questions about conservatories in this area, from how they become hot in the summer and chilly in the winter to how safe they are. We have over 30 years of expertise building our own conservatories, so we have all the answers to your conservatory queries.
The question that everyone wants to know the answer to but can’t seem to find on the internet. We explain why receiving a quote for your conservatory isn’t as straightforward as typing in your preferences. There are several factors that will influence the cost of your conservatory, but by the conclusion of this section, everything will be evident.
There are a lot of things to think about when building a conservatory, so we’ve highlighted some of the most important ones whether you’re worried about drainage, building a conservatory on a slope, or having an uncomfortable design. We know how to get over these issues because to our extensive expertise in the conservatory manufacturing industry.

The process of obtaining planning clearance might be intimidating, but it does not have to be. Every year, Builders Glasgow assists more consumers than any other company in the Scotland, completing thousands of successful applications. Some of the most frequently asked questions are included here. Please don’t hesitate to inquire if you have any further questions.

If you’re wondering how long it takes to create a conservatory or how they’re measured, you’ll find all the information you need right here. We walk you through the entire process from beginning to end so you can be certain that your conservatory is on the correct road.